About Us

IMG-8584My name is Sarah Schmitz, and I am the President and Owner of Comprehensive Billing Consultants. I have over 13 years experience in Medical Coding and Billing. I started out with taking some night classes at a local college to learn this profession and fell in love with it. I finished at the top of all my classes and went on the become a Certified Professional Coder also receiving Magna Cum Laude from the American Academy of Professional Coders also known as AAPC.

My qualifications include Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Certification, Inpatient Coding Specialist Certification,  Medical Record Management, Business Management, HCPCS Level I and II Procedure Coding and ICD-9- CM, ICD-10 CM Coding as well as over 15 years of medical billing. I have done everything from front end medical office work all the way to the collections process. There is not one part of the Coding and Billing process that I am not fluent in; Medical Billing and Coding is my passion, not just my career.

My son Reef was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder just after his 2nd birthday. This changed our lives and the course of my career forever. At the time I was working for an inpatient hospital and loved my job. After our son had been diagnosed, it became harder and harder to balance several hours a week of multiple therapies for our son and maintain working full time.  I threw myself into learning everything I could about each and every therapy I could find for Autism.  Within six months, our family relocated from our home in North Carolina to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I again began setting our son up with all the services that the doctors and specialists recommended.  At that time, he was receiving close to 30 hours a week of ABA therapy, Speech therapy, and Occupational therapy.

As I watched my son learn each and every skill, one by one and the therapist that worked so hard with him every day both good and bad days. They continued to inspire our family and me.  It is undeniable the commitment that these providers have for their patients! It became clear to me that I (in what I would have called my past life at this point in our journey) possess the skills that could give back to these providers. In essence, establishing Comprehensive Billing Consultants is my way of saying thank you. We at Comprehensive Billing Consultants are so grateful for you and your commitment not only to our child but all the rest of the families that you work with.


We are dedicated to your success as a healthcare provider, that your services are reimbursed accurately and quickly. We know how time-consuming it is to run a business, do patient care and have to hassle with the insurance companies and paperwork for your payments. We want you to be able to focus your time and efforts on patient care with ease as we handle the Insurance companies, increase your revenue, and decrease your accounts receivable. At the end of the day, our priorities are getting you credentialed, contracted and paid for your services quickly and properly.