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  • Full service billing: Claims submission, follow up, denials, appeals, payment posting, and A/R management
  • Authorization management: Submit and maintain authorization from payers for treatment.  Available individually or for the practice.
  • Accounts Receivable Maintenance, Denials, and Appeals: Have you found yourself bogged down in old A/R?  Let us help you recover reimbursement from denials!  Our team will coordinate appeals and go to bat against the payer on your behalf.
  • Insurance Verification: What exactly does this client’s policy cover?  How do I know I have the most accurate information?  Do they need an authorization before services are rendered?  CBC can help answer those questions with our insurance verification service!
  • Insurance Research: Need to understand more about a policy, plan, or coverage?  Unsure what is involved in credentialing for a payer?  We can do the research for you!


  • NPI Creation
  • CAQH or State-Specific credentialing profile
  • Partial CAQH
  • CAQH or Credentialing Profile Maintenance and Updates
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Government Contracting
  • Out of Network Contracting
  • Roster Maintenance
  • Single Case Agreements
  • Additional Provider(s) for existing contract(s)
  • Background Check**Contracting services include monthly maintenance and status checks for the duration of the process.**

ABA Billing Bootcamp

CBC’s ABA Billing Bootcamp is led by our Management Team of Sarah Schmitz, CMRS-I, CPB, CPC,  and Amber Broadway, CMRS.  With over 30 years of combined experience, we will break into small group sessions and cover the basics of medical billing, insurance plans, and ABA Billing over the course of two days.  This course serves as an excellent springboard for certification with the American Medical Billing Association.  Ask for more details on certification requirements and opportunities!

Bootcamp is available on location at your site or we can arrange for a virtual class.

On Site Auditing

We will visit on site and help maximize performance and collections.

A complete audit of revenue cycle, compliance, and policies will take place, ensuring that facilities are optimizing productivity and are empowered to implement these measures.


Are you looking for some one-on-one advice and support?  CBC offers consulting either via phone or virtual meeting.

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Contact Us to find out how our services can best be suited to your practice!

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